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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Damn, me and Renee shouldn't be left in American Lit. allowed to whatever we like on the computers because we've 'finished the work' and 'have no work to catch up on'. Haha. Taking pictures, writing our blogs and distracting everyone around us. I love the way we have American Lit together and in the computer rooms instead of the normal classrooms. Oh and we have Macs. Have I ever mentioned that I love it in America . Haha.
Man, I wish Zara was here. She'd also love it. Because whenever I say I love America every one's like what?! Weirdos. :)

Haha, Renee actually makes me laugh too much. She's trying to do a British accent, but it's not working. She sounds like she's from Manchester instead of London. She doesn't quite get the knack of saying 'larf' and 'grarss'. Haha. And now she's 'waving like the Queen'. Honestly.

Oh myyy. Omari just gave me some massive shock my screaming in my ear. People these days! This class is like a jungle. Haha. Playtime at the zoo.
Right going to take more pictures now. Have fun looking at these ugly ones of me and Renee. :)

Cici, x


  1. I've just found your blog and I really like it. It must have been really hard to move to America but it seems like your loving it! :)

  2. hehe this looks fun. my bf screamed 'i love you' in my ear once, i then punched him x