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Friday, September 25, 2009

Having a twin is a weird thing.

I'm actually meant to be at my friends right now, but my brother(twin brother, that's how this blog came to mind) took years in the bathroom and by the time he got out my dad left to go to WalMart. So, now I have to wait till he gets back. And write a third blog in one day. Damn.

So, this is actually what I wanted to write about. Just think that I've started all over again...even if I haven't.

If you haven't guessed by now, I have a twin brother. He has the same birthday as me. And the same dad. And the same mom. And the same erm, step-mom. :) Yeah.

I just thought how it's actually quite weird to have a twin brother...or sister. It's somewhere your automatically close to from the day you're born, simply because your related and were born on the same day. People say twins can connect to each other even if they're not talking, or even close. Well, I think that's a load of rubbish, because I can't connect to my brother. I just know him well because I see him everyday and I've lived with him for my whole life.

I also think it's quite weird to have a twin because you're kinda more than just brother and sister(or brother and brother/sister and sister...shut up) you're kinda friends as well. And I don't think we argue as much as I would with just a brother or just a sister. If you know what I mean. I think if you have a twin you'd understand.

I find I also tell my twin brother things that I probably wouldn't tell just a brother or just a sister. I regret them after. But I still say it. And still says it to me. Yeah.

This is all probably a load of rubbish. And other twins/triplets/quadruplets.... probably don't agree. But it's just how I feel.

Check our lovely pictures from when we were little. :) Aw, I love them.

And this is what my beautiful brother looks like now, for Dondra, Clara, Rohanda and Lex. Haha.

Cici, x

One for the Brits. :)

Basically, I'm on msn to one of my friends back home in England, and we're were talking about 'chavs'. I've been called a 'chav' loads of times, I sort of got used to it. But the thing is people really don't have a clue what they're on about.

Apparently you're a 'chav' if you listen to rap music, wear ugg boots, have your school tie really small, listen to RnB music, wear a baseball cap to it's side, smoke, sit outside mcdonalds, ride your bike everywhere, starts on someone for no reason and wears 'bling'. Well, this all makes me laugh.

Chav simply means; council house and violent, hense the name. Yes, some 'chavs' may listen to rap music, wear ugg boots, smoke, wear a baseball cap etc. But also, people who live somewhere other than a council house may do all of that too.

I just hate the way you get labeled for the type of music you listen to or the clothes you wear. It's just childish. And I know I'm sounding like a Mom(or mum haha) but it's just what I feel, and I know alot of other people feel it too.

Luckily, over here no one's really heard of 'chavs', unless I've told them of course.

Well, thanks for reading my rant. :) Now you can get on with your own lives happily.
Mind the hideous picture...apparently it's chavvy ;)

Cici, x

First One! :)

First blog :)
I did have another blog, but I deleted it because I didn't like the site. It just kinda annoyed me.

So, yeah, I had a half day today and I just got in. And I'd like to be getting ready to go out but I can't because my lovely brother is in the bathroom. Ah, I feel so English again. Oh yeah, I'm originally from England, but I moved to America at the beggining of the year. I'm in Virginia. :)

Today was actually so boring, I had Health Class to start, but two of my friends weren't here, so it's not how it usually is. And I had some annoying rudeboy(for the Londeners ;] haha) annoying me about my accent. Just because it's not like his. Pft. But after that I kind'a got better...
I had Gym, my favourite lesson.

I really need to get changed right now, I'm meant to be going to my best friend's house to sleepover, but I still can't have a shower because my twin brother's in there. Sometimes, I hate being close to my brother. Haha. But yea, I'm meant to be at hers in half an hour. I'll page her.

That's all for now, (:
Cici, x