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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Down, down, down.

I haven't posted anything in a week. Woa. But I've been pretty busy. I had a dance competition on Thursday and I've been rehearsing with the crew all week. And it paid of because we got through to the semi finals. :) And then we had a little celebratory party last night, and all 8 of us slept over at Andre's. Not that we actually slept. And now I'm seriously tired. But I haven't been able to sleep because I have way too much on my mind. Urgh.

So, I got in from Andre's two hours ago and my Dad said that my Mom had phoned. She lives in England and has no interest in me and my brother what so ever, so I had no clue what she phoned for. But anyway, I phoned her back. And she started shouting down the phone at me how I'm a bad daughter. I was so confused. And actually still am. It's something to do with my step-sister getting pregnant at 16. I don't know what I have to do with it.

I mean, my step-sister isn't really my step-sister because I'm not related to her. She's my step-dad's daughter, not my Mom's. If that makes any sense. But apparently it's my fault because I wasn't there to be 'friends' with her. Just because we got along and then I moved doesn't mean I'm the reason she's pregnant. Seriously, I think my Mom has problems.

And then she said that she wishes that me and my brother weren't her kids. Which made me cry. And then I started to miss everyone back home, loads. Especially Zara because she's the one I could go to for advice and someone to tell everything like this to. I know I've got friends here I can tell everything to, but she was like my little sister.

And now I'm seriously down. Ruined my weekend.

I wish she never phoned.


Cici, x

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